Symphony Irvine

Edgar David López has a well-established history as an accomplished performer. He was formerly the principal clarinetist of the Bogotá Symphony Orchestra in Colombia, where he performed regularly as a soloist was often invited to perform with the Simon Bolivar Orchestra under the direction of Gustavo Dudamel. In addition Mr. López has performed with various ensembles across Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica, Brazil, and the United States, including the Milwaukee Symphony, Fort Worth Symphony, Modesto Symphony, Las Vegas Symphony, American Youth Symphony, Symphony Orchestra of Colombia, Youth Colombian Philharmonic, Tolima Symphony Orchestra, and the Cundinamarca Symphonic Wind Ensemble. As the founder of the Scherzo Clarinet Duo, he has performed at more than 30 venues in Los Angeles.

Mr. López has also won numerous awards for his work on the clarinet. The University of Southern California awarded him the Mitchell Lurie Award in 2017 and he won the Bruce Zalkind Memorial Endowed Music Award for each of the years 2016, 2015, and 2014. In 2013 he received the Youth Talent Award by the Salvi Foundation in the VII° International Music Festival in Cartagena. He won first prize in the Latinoamerican Clarinet Competition, Clariperu in 2011; first place in the XIII° Concurso Nacional de Interpretación, Superior Category; third place in the EAFIT national clarinet competition in 2009; and second place in the Concurso Distrital de Clarinete in 2008. As a special honor, Mr. López was awarded the Medal of Merit “Antonio Nariño” for excellence by the Senate of the Republic of Colombia in 2009.

Mr. López is quite active as a clarinet teacher paving a path for future musicians. Currently, he teaches clarinet with the Young Musician Foundation and the Colburn School of Music, and maintains a private studio in Los Angeles. In 2015, he participated with the Batuta Foundation and gave master classes in different cities in Colombia, and gave clarinet lesson to young musicians in several school districts in Bogotá as a member of the Clarinet Quartet “Cadenza.”

In terms of formal education, Mr. López earned his Master of Music degree in clarinet performance from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles under the tutelage of Yehuda Gilad and his Bachelor of Music degree from the National University of Colombia, where he studied with Robert De Gennaro.